Gayan Searching Mother


Hello dear mother in Sri Lanka,

You searched for me on the internet and maybe you have found your son Gayan. Can you recognize me and my baby shirt on the pictures on the right?

In 1987 I was adopted from Sri Lanka by my Dutch parents.

I was born in Panadura in the Kethumathi Hospital for Women on June 9, 1987 ().

You have given me the names Gayan Lakmal.

To give me away must have been a very difficult decision for you, maybe the most difficult decision in your whole life. A mother never forgets her child, I believe!

My father and I have been searching for you for many years, but still without any result.

I can imagine that you often think of me: "Where are you?", "Are you happy?", "Do you look like me?" Etc.

Because nowadays many people have access to the internet, the chances that you will ever search or have already searched for me, have increased. A search is easily done.

I made this website with a link to my email-address. So you can contact me.
I suppose that the few details on this website that only you can know, cannot bring you in any trouble.

Please contact me when you find me. I have the following email address: ln.ammanayag@nayag.

If you send me an email, then please tell me the following details in it:
- the date and location when you handed me over to my adoptive parents;
- the name of the hospital where I was born;
- your name?

I hope we will get in touch once.

Your son Gayan

Searching Mamta's Mother